Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My heroes. Most of them have died.

Growing up in the 70's were fun. I was allowed to watch television when men were heroes and women were ladies.

The man I fell in love with the Six Million Dollar man. He was strong with bionic powers. He always used it to save his country or his friends.

Next was Micheal Landon. Not only was he a great actor, he was also a good producer, producing good movies and television series with sound moral values.

Who can forget him as Charles Ingalls, a struggle farmer in the Western frontier, loving but firmly bring up his three children?

And finally there is Jack Lord, as Steve McGarrett, the one who solve criminal cases and always asking his side kick to "Book Them."

In the 70's issues are clear. You are either the bad guys or the good guys. You cannot be both.

I just watched finished a movie called Wanted where the role of the assassin is celebrated and the good guy is actually the bad guy who is actually the good guy.

Yes life was less complicated during the 1970's TV land. How I long to go back to these time.

At least the values that were formed by watching Television series were good values like honour, respect and consideration.

What do we have now? Footballers and golfers who lack self disciple off the sporting arena and sport athletics who only run for the money with honey on their side.

Now do you know why there are no free to air t.v or cable in the esshold?

You have been warned.