Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sex in the Esshold

Let start from the very begining.
A very good place to start.
When you sing you start with Do Re Me
The first three words just happen to beDo Re Me .

So where do babies come from ?
Sex between Mummy and Daddy.

Due to the Aware Saga, the role of parents in the context of sex education has been brought to the forefront.

If we parents do not take the responsibility and the authority to teach our children about the birds and the bees, others will just take over our place.

Enough is enough.

There is no need to be shy about parents having sex.

Our children need to see that we enjoy sex with each other within the safe boundry of marriage.

We are the best role model of them. If we do not play an active part other will take our place.

The other day, while watching House on DVD, one of our teenager asked about STD. We stopped the DVD and use that opportunity to share with her our views and values on sex and STD.

We cannot be shy and asked her to ask her teacher or wait for Aware to conduct the CSE. Then the moment will be lost.

Sex talk must be conducted in a loving environment and the best way is within the family.

Get this right. If we parents do not wise up to what is happening and continue to hide behind our Asian value or being shy, our children will learnt it from others, be they sexually challenged, normal, strait or bent.

Lets start from the very begining. Let start with us

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Argumentum ad Populum (popular appeal or appeal to the majority): The fallacy of attempting to win popular assent to a conclusion by arousing the feeling and enthusiasms of the multitude also known as the "Bandwagon" fallacy where one attempt to prove a conclusion on the grounds that all or most people think or believe it is true.

There are several ad populum fallacy hanging in my tag right now. See if you can find them.

Sometime I myself also committe this fallacy.

By the way anal sex is not natural. It is against nature.

Nature intended it to be a plug and socket. Not plug and plug nor socket and socket.

It got nothing to do with religion.

If everyone of us in the society only practise anal sex, the entire species would be gone in one generation.

Sex is intended to be Procreative.

If nature intended us to be homosexual why not make just man or woman?

As long as those who are homosexual accept that they are not meant to be part of nature, I have no problem with them.

They are human, they have rights.

Just keep their choice to themselves.

Do not try to make it seems normal,ordinary or just a life style choice .

It is not.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The English philosopher Edmund Burke (12 January 1729 – 9 July 1797)said, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.'

Unfortunatley for all of us now living in this all inclusive world,
we encounter the following problems

1. What is evil? Who define what is evil? What is evil for you may not be evil for me.

2. Who define who is a good men? Once again, someone who is good in someone eye may be bad in another person eyes.

3.Do nothing. That is what the all inclusive camp wants all of us to do.

The word all inclusive is also a non existence term.

Because it is just not possible to include everyone as not every one will share the same value with you.

So how, when, where to draw a line?

Few dare to now for fear of being called or labelled Conservative, or extreme right or pushing or shovelling your value down others throat.

So you are reduced to do nothing.

Keep your mouth shut.

Accept the slipply slope.

Everyone is doing it so that will make it right.

Step by step, the all inclusive camp wants you to be numb

to be UNAWARE and then ....

‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.'

Go on.

do nothing.... shhh.....

let sleeping dog lie.....

doggy stlye....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Philosophy 101

Basic logic course

1)AWARE’s guide for trainers state that “anal sex — can be healthy and neutral if practised with consent and with a condom”

Substitute the taking of ice,Katemine and other life style drugs that is a norm in certain culture and you have

Taking Katemine can be healthy and natural if practised with consent.

2)Founding AWARE member and its first president, Lena Cheng, met with TODAY and said that the group had consulted religious groups, academics, social workers and teachers when they adapted the guide from the 25—year—old International Women’s Health Coalition, which promotes and protects girls’ and women’s sexual and reproductive rights and health. “We’re not some feminists who just thought this up,” she said.

Name three religious groups, academics, social workers and teachers

3) One trainer told TODAY, discussions are “very student driven”.
“We basically ask students, 'what’s your views?’ We don’t say anything, and let them hear all the different ideas... I only make sure everybody respects each other. We don’t believe in imposing any viewpoints,” she said.

Assume the discussion is not about sex but about killing your neighbour because he sings Kara OK of key every night. So the trainer let the students hear all the different ideas, the trainer only make sure everybody respects each other. The trainer do not impose his view point that it is wrong to kill another person. As long as students are given a chance to air their view it is o.k. It does not matter if after airing their view they go and kill the neighbour.

4)Some people derived pleasure from pain during sex. However, it is important that both party consent and are comfortable with it. (from from comprehensive sexuality education (c) Copyright of AWARE 2007)

So once again to take the logic of AWARE, if your child derived pleasure from taking drug with his friend, it is o.k. as long as both party consent and are comfortable with it.

To quote the gloved one

There comes a time when we heed a certain call when the world must come together as one......

In the esshold, we have this policy. Our children can ask us any question about sex when they are eight years old. We use words like penis etc and we do not hide the fact.

We have taken the mystery out of the topic of sex and to our children it is like other topics that we discuss at home.

We empower them by letting them know that if they want to engage in sex we cannot be there to stop them. So how do we develop good family values ? How do we develop this healthy view that only sex within marriage is the best ?

All we could do is to show them that sex within marriage is fun, healthy and cool.

Many a Sunday afternoon, we send them out of the bedroom and they would know that we do not want to be disturbed. Once, our eight years old happily told her friends in the park that her parents are having sex now.

Too often our children is bombarded with images of people having sex in all type of wrong situations. More parents should stand up and proclaim that "Yes we are having sex. Yes it is enjoyable and the best gift a father can give to his children is to let them see that he enjoys their mother's body."

Our body were made for each other to be enjoyed safely, satisfactory and sensually within the boundary and bondage ;-) of marriage.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

True Beauty

Let me assure all men in Singapore that the behaviour of the women in Aware weather they are supporting the new ex-co or the old ex-co do not and I REPEAT do not represent even 1% of women and ladies in the world.

True ladies have quite confident in their power to persuade, motivate and inspire others without the need to scream, be impolite, boorish or even loutish.

True ladies offer a listening ear first, before allowing their mouth to proclaim judgement. They observe and choose the right path without beating their breast or burning their bra. More have been accomplished by women keeping their mouth shut then by opening them.

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Abraham Lincoln

Case in point:
A mother observed at a wedding that there was not enough wine and that the bridegroom would have to handle an embracing crisis if nothing is done about it. She quietly inform her son who was displeased and told her it was not his business. Nonetheless, she never pushed her way and insisted on her demand. Instead she had faith that her concern would be looked into and instructed her servants to do whatever her son asked her to do.
There are examples of other women who have achieved much with poise dignity and grace. I would not encourage my daughters to be inspired by any of the behaviour of the women who were at the EOGM at Suntec City.
Yes, the old exco won but at the expense of the dignity of womanhood.
One small step for woman in AWARE but a giant back step backward for mankind. Sigh.
(The ess would continue to bring up her three daughters using Audrey Hepburn as a model. Their father would be glad.)

A silent wife is a gift from God. Sad to say not many woman are willing to or can offer this gift. Please note that being silent does not mean being pushed over, or bullied by man. Think about it before jumping to conclusion. A silent wife can be very powerful if only a woman knows how to use that power.