Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today, my principal said this to me
" Today you are immaculate."

I was going to give a book talk to the school and decided to be in presenter mode.

For those who knew me well, I was a toastmaster for ten years and used to win so many speaking competitions that my children no longer find it fun to play with the trophies.

Hmm I wonder where they are now.

Sometime I do miss not taking part in speech competition. I would go for competition with no title, no content not knowing what I am going to speak.

Then 5 minutes before the competition start, I will just grab any topic and give it to the MC. When I win the contest, I would piss off the other competitions who has rehearsed and prepared many weeks before.

Once I took part in a humorous contest and won five hours after I cremated my father.
I suppose I am blessed with the gift of the gab. But then again, having to speak in front of a class, especially at 1.00 p.m. in the afternoon after a long day in school would be a great way to prepare for a speech contest.

For those who are reading rest assured that I am not boasting. I just want to say that we are all blessed with gifts and we should not buried it but make use of it for the benefit of others.

In this way, even though we are lesser mortals, at least we have leave a positive mark and make someone life better. (Yes I know motherhood statement. Puke Puke....nevertheless the sentiments is heartfelt)

That is why when I see my friend having cold feet when asked tomake a public speech I would try to warm them up. Worst come to wrost I would take over the mike and save their life. Some people said that they prefer deathe to public speaking.

Hey if I can save a life by using my mouth why not?