Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today mama had fun.

This is how the beach looked like when the tide has gone out. Notice that the sand is wet. When it is high tide, the water will cover the plant. This is a mangrove.

This is a picture of mama taken by her friend at the beach.

I will be home by one tomorrow. See you

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here is mama at the Sec 2 Camp.
Hot Hot Hot

Luckly she got a hat.

These are the teachers that are at the camp with mama.

She still got time to take a picture of the beach.

Mama miss you all very much

Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear esses,
Mama is on a field trip to Cameron Highland this weekend.I miss you very much.

This is mama at a toilet break half way to Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia.

These are some of my students. They will be taking part in the National Youth Business Challenge this Sunday.

This is mama posting this blog. Ms Faridah helped took this picture of me blogging.

This is the view of the enterence of Kuala Lumpur.

This is the bus number that mama is in.

Thank you for walking with me out this morning.

I miss you.

Good night. I miss you all.Hugs and kisses

Sunday, March 8, 2009

To God be the glory.

Angus and Aubrey who were pursing poly education in 2008 did the A level as home schoolers.

Both did Literature at A level and GP at AO by themselves without any help from anyone.

Aubrey got an A for Lit and B3 for GP while Angus got C5 for GP and D for Lit. They have to apply for time off from poly to do their exam.

Do home schooling promote independent learning? What kind of students do our version of home schooling produce?

When I teach social studies in school, one of the skills I stressed is the role that cross-reference plays in supporting an assertion.

Below is a reference that my son, Angus, received from his poly which he is using to apply for a scholarship from NTU. I

know that homeschooling has played an important part in allow his tutor to make the observations that Angus displayed in class.

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Ess Angus Gilchrist for admission to Digital Filmaking at School of Art,Design& Media, Nanyang Technological University.

I am a Facilitator at Republic Polytechnic Singapore I came to know Angus when I facilitated his learning in Sequential Art during his final year in our institution.

Angus possesses excellent analytical skill and is always eager to contribute. He demonstrated this on a weekly basis, through team discussion and projects. He is very passionate about the work he engages himself with.

His serious interests in the subject can be seen in his enthusiasms and active participation
during class discussions.

He has always had a stalwart interest in the field of Digital Filmaking. His spontaneous and stiff upper lip attitude is the quality that would bring him success in his chosen field. There is no question of his belief in teamwork and willingness to help others. It is no surprise he is held in good favour of staff and peers.

l am pleased to act as referee for Mr. Ess Angus Gilchrist . If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,
2oth February 2009
Shaun Tay
School of Technology for the Arts
Diploma of Game Design
Republic Polytechnic

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tots from another ess

Angus, our first born wrote this as part of his application to NTU.

Coming from a home-schooling background, two principles were greatly stressed upon me. The first, being that of thinking independently, has always gotten me into trouble with my questioning of various opinion leaders. However, my curiosity has always driven me to find the answers. The second principle is the development of my personal creativities.

When young, I had time to entertain all my imaginations. I wrote my ideas on notebooks and ran in the rain with my sisters, spending hours talking about ideas and concepts.

Due to my curiosities and willingness to discover, I have been able to study chess and music without guidance. Hence, I have been approached to perform at professional concerts and even hold my own workshops on each art.

During my polytechnic life, I was fascinated by the process of executing a conceptualised plan. Installations, theatrical works, musical collaborations, short films and even just plain story writing - my interest ranged wide. I fell in love with opportunities from the arts field allowing me to ‘connect’ ideas, but more importantly, to ‘communicate’ them to others. Yes, the biggest lesson I learnt in poly: you can conceptualize the most brilliant idea and find it terribly creative, but it is only worth the people who understand it. Selling your idea is what counts.

I want to enter the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking under the school of Art, Design & Media in NTU. And the relevance of my personal experience in creative expression!? If nothing else, film provides a great medium to document works in a very appealing manner, and with my creative background I can both contribute to and learn from this experience.

However, my interest runs deeper than that. The lack of a viewer’s physical interaction with a film means that the film makers’ imagination is delivered exactly into its visual perspective, and forced wholly upon the audience. This, (as opposed to an installation where the concept might be compromised based on viewer walking movements, etc), allows film makers more fluidity in content expression. One of my deepest passions is music, and when I compose musically I enjoy visualising movie scenes that fit. Connecting both music and film is the best way I have discovered to express ideas.

Beyond interest, I have the discipline to learn and follow through with tasks. Most importantly - I have the flair to create the musical-film audio-visual relationship.