Monday, October 20, 2008

Love Is The Reason

Is it?

Love Is The Reason

Christmas is coming. Present? Shopping? That big fat turkey?

Even though you may not be a Christian, have you ever wondered why Christmas is celebrated?

If you are a Christian, have you ever wonder what is beyond the Christmas tree, the new clothes, the present, the party?

Christmas in the Esshold is family, eating together, spending time together.It's is that one time of the year where the house is open for one and all to visit, to take stock, to renew friendship.

If you are not a Christian, spare a thought for you family and friends.

If you are, have you forgotten about that child?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally, have the time to blog while lying in bed for the past three days.

We lived in a stressed-filled world, chasing after awards, msg, grades, etc.

Until I had to have an emergency operation on Tuesday. The operation went well, now waiting for the test results which will come in one week time.

Where does one draws the line between work and play?

What happens when one fight for the right to rest? stay at home to be with the children, or even to just take time to re-charge?

One is constantly asked to sacrifice for the higher good, the greater glory.

What should one do when asked to sacrifice for a worthy person? What about an irresponsible person,who squander away all his inheritance and suddenly decided to turn over a new leave? Or what about someone who is not willing to turn over a new leave?

Do we have a choice who we can help?

No, because we are called to be a human.
It has never been up to us to decided who is worthly enough to be saved or help.

We are just called to help.

Those who need help, those who deserve help, those who does not deserve help and especially those who are too proud to need our help. When they called, we just have to bit our tongue ( and not say I told you so) but just smile and help.

After all, it does not matter who we help as long as we do.